Gene's Writings


In the shadows thoughts are fleeting only teases what I see. Words of wisdom never reaches what discribes reality. Emotions that words represent play traitor to there meaning. Nothing can define the pain I suffer and the love of life it's stealing.

Empty are the gestures of hypocrites that I distain. To dignities disgrace I've fallen due to pain. How can I master my own fate when fate has lost control. Laughing when I dare to dream of a happiness that fills the soul.

Searching for…

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Passions Rose

Sequel to the poem "Who Can Say How Roses Grow"

Amazing how love stirs the heart.
When the heart has lost it's way.
Passions lost emotions part.
A miracle  came to be one day.
The soul with joy is weeping so.
My beloved makes the…

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Hush of Sorrows

Were do we find this when we linger on in silly dreams?
What hope do have in the excitement of another day?
How is it we dig deeper and see the light of a new morning?
Tell me how do we do it we elite few who suffer.
In our space of misery we see no…

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The Visitor

The moon whispers a gentile glow through my window as I come to sleeps soft slumber.
As the shadows on the wall change shapes I let a sigh softly in the night.
Unknowingly pulling the pillow tighter to me I see a story start to unfold as in a haze of dreams.
I felt the presence of an essence to one who I have never met but only in spirits form.
In moonlights grace I find no fear as there are the gentile movements of graceful passion …

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Fair Lady of the Mountain

Who am I to dishonor thee?
You soft soul of the trees.
You heal those who are are of sore afflictions.
Taking the tears of those who have cried.

You are upon the winds that eagles fly
You are the life that springs from earths sweet lending.
Higher you are that touches the…

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The Miserable One

In a world of checks in balances sometimes there are questions that seem to have answers so incomprehensible that my mind just simply cannot conceive the unique answers that thought can provide.

I ask myself many times over why it is this path of pain and sometimes complete loneliness has been cast upon me…

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Promised Land

I look to the day with honor bright
When all will be clear within my sight.
I will know then just where I stand.
There are no tears in the promised land…

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The Favor

I am going to ask a favor of you my friend…

Walk across green meadows where warm sunshine falls upon smiling faces.
Sit down next to a creek of cool water in playful melody as to lure one off to sleep.
Across Blue waters of lakes filled with the endless gift of life…

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My Agony

Greetings small one, my name is pain.
I have come to haunt you, for I am bane.
Run if you will, I chase you down.
No place to hide, you will always be found…

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Fair lady it is for you that I have made my quest
How is it that I can have you in my mind and yet you are so far away
I cannot seem to touch you yet your right in front of me
I have seen your essence and felt your place upon my being
This must be some sort of twisted justice that's laid upon my soul
You torment me yet I still strive to be my best
I have seen your face, drank you in in my minds eye…

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What I Am

Carnival of life begin
Struggle.  turmoil come within.
Only a shadows cast can show.
What I should and should not know

How am I the one to guess.
The answers to my minds duress.
I can picture things in my minds eye.
That no one else can give reply.

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The Face

I stood on the hill one starry night.
I drank it all in, was a beautiful sight.
Must admit I was a bit overwhelmed.
And I looked to the face of the moon…

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Bard's Tale

Better am I in a far away land then to grovel before castle and king.
There comes a time in everyone's life when there is a song for the bard
to sing.

The song is courage beyond what you know and the tragedy it will bring.
How do I know, the question you ask, you look to my eyes and say.
Pull up a chair and listen well, for I was there that day.
There was knowledge, jokers and so called wisdom, all in part, members
to play.

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No mater where I go how far I travel.
Nothing will take this away.
The things I have felt and what I have done are in my heart to stay.

A special fondness does caress the smile I saw upon your face.
I drank you in and have been forever touched by the beauty of your grace…

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All emotions ever sweeping.
Sad of heart within there keeping.
Silent thought their stares and lear's.
Leave footprints on the plain of tears…

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This poem is dedicated to all those children who have been injured and worse by the abuse of shaking.  It was inspired by the daughter of a friend in the disabilities-r-us chat room.  The sentence of the individual did not fit the crime and I was very disturbed over the whole situation.  My hope is that maybe somehow this will bring awareness.

I heard some news the other day.
Disturbing in every way.
Innocents took the fall
Shook and broke the china doll…

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Waterside of Life

I am tired of this constant strife
Cuts threw my soul like a knife.
Weary of the torment that haunts me.
As I stand down by the river
I look out from the waterside of life…

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We lay now in this sacred place
All is tender full of grace.
Surrounded we are by loves embrace.

A world so cruel and hurts so much.
In sanctuary we are safe.
Comes harmony with loves touch…

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Lord hear my prayer and touch these thoughts.
In my hour of need I know my sins are bought.
Help me In my suffering I will not forget,
To ask your blessing and do not curse…

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Last Ride

While life goes on I sit and ponder
Who is this I ask and wonder.
I can't stop this fire from burning.
I know what is true and gentile.
Inner peace is what I'm yearning…

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Mother Nature our Fathers design was perfect in every way.
His all knowing eye forever watching, His power will never sway.
From His warmth you grow your splendor, All that's wild, soft and tender.

Mother Nature talk to me, like you have when I was young.
The hawks scream.  wind in the trees, and the waters rushing stream.
You dance a waltz and I am honored to have heard the song you sung.

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She Knows Who She Is

It is for you fair lady I tend this sacred place.
I know not why I give to loves surrender.
To hold your essence in my hands with gentil honor.
I take your soul in my arms with sweet embrace
We gather in that trusted place…

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Mind Dance

I can't be free.  From whats whats inside of me.
It smiles at me, curses me, what is this legacy, won't let me be.

I've tried to run.  I've tried to hide.
I've tried to face it down, laugh at it, go around, underground…

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Promise Broken

In the spring of life when I was strong.
I found the one that would be queen.
At the alter we did stand.
The ring of promise on her hand.

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