Gene's Writings


No mater where I go how far I travel.
Nothing will take this away.
The things I have felt and what I have done are in my heart to stay.

A special fondness does caress the smile I saw upon your face.
I drank you in and have been forever touched by the beauty of your grace.

The world has turned and still I think of what we once have had.
The journey is over you touched my soul and in that I am so glad..
All I can say is a fond thank you Your forever in my heart.
To walk a walk that was never mine I'm saddened we fell apart.

A love like that is rare to find.
I take a walk outside my mind.
We come to learn the gift of send.
I see our colors want to blend.

Through life's experience there is one thing that I have come to learn.
There is a way I can replace all that in which I yearn.
Please don't judge me harshly I wish not to leave a scar.
I ask you let me love you darling if not but from afar.

I remember a time and place that still belongs to us.
Hugs and roses ever grow and and in that I always trust.
It grieves me now that what we felt must now come to it's end.
But there is one thing I that cannot not stop is willingness to send.

All I ask is one request a tear your not to shed.
I go now into a kind of fear that demons even dread.
The life I lead is full of pain and I wish you not to see.
Forgive me dear It's best this way I now have to set you free.