Gene's Writings

What I Am

Carnival of life begin
Struggle.  turmoil come within.
Only a shadows cast can show.
What I should and should not know

How am I the one to guess.
The answers to my minds duress.
I can picture things in my minds eye.
That no one else can give reply.

So much in life where I am falling.
Have no knowledge of my calling.
Some have said that I am wise.
Can't help but feel thats my demise.

What I am is all I can share.
I have given all that my soul can bare.
Tired am I,weary and weak.
Prisoner of pain with future bleak.

The hall of mirrors shows many traces.
The blank stares of saddened faces.
In all the tears that have been spent.
There is no end to this torment.

All there is to do is sigh.
And call from strength that sits on High.
It's for only Him to know.
When I can and can not go.

Some have said I am filled with good.
I must make this understood.
All the gifts in life that I have tasted.
There are some that have been wasted.

So now I have to take this task
And I must most humbly have to ask.
Please don't stand me up so high and tall
Because I'm not perfect, I'm just me, that's all.

So when I am down and I am tired.
Be something to me that's inspired.
Stay with me until the end.
I will try with virtue to be your friend.