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How Dare You!

How dare you! (Just a rant)

This is just a little rant about something I have felt on and off over the years I have been disabled, I don't want anybody to take it personally but to look at it from our perspective!

How dare you! How dare you eat that sugarcoated jelly filled donut when your blood sugar levels are already too high and you have type II diabetes, you know you're not supposed to, do you think the pill the doctor gave you will…

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How Am I Not Me? (Part one)

How am I not me?

This question inspired a lot of thought recently, it was asked at the end of the movie I was watching and it really got the old cogs turning!

At first glance when asking ourselves this question we would probably think how am I not "not me"? I am me! How can I not been myself? But when we look at it a little closer how many of us change the way we are according to the different people, places and situations…

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