Amber's Abode

Here comes the Sun.

Just a short one to let everyone know that in a few hours, I will be on the plane headed to my new home in the Sun.  To Daniel and all my friends waiting there.  Curiously enough, at this moment I am not nervous.

My family now knows.  Audrey and Chad came over late last night and cornered me, asking for the truth.  When I gave it to them, Audrey cried a little was worried about all the bad things that can happen.  The usual.  But Chad said he was supportive of me, they both were, and they will help me with a phone when I get there, and they will help me to ship my stuff.  So I'm actually a little relieved.  It means I will be out of communication for less time than I thought.

Still, this will be my last entry for a while.  Try not to worry about me.  I will be fine, whatever happens.  I am so looking forward to this, mostly right now because I'm tired of all the goodbyes.  Bring on the hellos.  Bring on the Sun.  Bring on the adventure!  I feel alive for the first time in many months.

Stay well and happy, everyone.  I love you all!

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