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A new beginning.

Dear Readers,

On December 17, 2014, the author of this blog, my partner, my girlfriend, my best friend, my friend of 18 years, Amber Marie Steenbock left this Earth to spend eternity with Jesus.

I have set up a website in her memory at  Please visit it and leave comments as you wish.


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Here are some details of the last two weeks. I get to the hospital and they have to do an NG tube. so I can ingest 64 ounces of the ironically named Golightly. (It should be called "go heavily , often, and right now." (I asked for the NG tube because it tasted extremely bad and I could not drink it orally, but I needed to get it down, or they wouldn't have been able to do the surgery. They inserted the tube without any numbing…

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Still Breathing

My counselor is requesting/suggesting that I blog more again, so here I am, after a long time. I'm sorry if you were on pins and needles waiting for an update, but there didn't seem to be much to report other than the usual hospital stays, this time three of them in the last three months. And the fact that I am technically single now, although Daniel is still very much around and always there when I need him. The backing up was mostly a mutual idea,…

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Well, about 19 days ago on January 2, 2012, I made the biggest leap of my life so far.  Bigger even than moving to Arizona.

I now live in my own apartment.  By myself.  Caregivers come for four hours twice a day to help me with what I need.  In between, and overnight, I am on my own.

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This is why I've been gone so long.

this was originally written on July 20. I need help.I still am not the person I was, and I do not like it. Encouragement and ideas on how to shift this are desperately needed. Please.

if you have already read my note on Facebook regarding what happened to me, skip down to the part under today's date.

sorry if this doesn't make sense, my words are not what they used to be right now.

Last Thursday, when I was walking home from Daniel's house, just before…

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The best news ever!

okay, I know it's been forever since I've written here, but I've been really busy.

The situation here continues to devolve from less than ideal to really, really bad; so I don't stay here during the day very much anymore; riding the bus to Daniel's neighborhood as soon as I wake up; only returning to go to bed. That is the main reason I have been neglecting this space. I am sorry to my three loyal readers.

I have been actively working on bettering myself, and…

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Well, I'm finally among the land of the blogging again, thanks to my upgrade to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Premium! I am excited/relieved. A lot has been going on worth blogging about. Most notably, with the help of many people, Daniel being chief among them, I have raised enough money for my service dog! I am beyond excited about this; and it could actually end up being life-saving. Who knows? I know it will save a bunch of annoyance, regardless. So, in about a month, I will…

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