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Homesickness and affirmations

I just finished reading Daniel's take on his adventure, and it made me smile and cry at the same time.  I miss him so much, I miss that sense of complete peace and love and belonging and home so much that I don't know how I'm going to be able to wait until the story continues..  But apparently I am a lot stronger than I look or feel.  I sure hope so.

I still wonder how those little mice are doing.  They were so tiny, we almost killed them because we didn't see them.

The thing that struck me most about his comments was how he was happy and I believe the word was awestruck by something most people cringe from and beg me not to do, which is talk to people in transit.  I just do it automatically most times, reaching out to give people whatever they seem to need in a moment.  This makes me feel really happy and successful, like I'm doing something good in the world.  My favorite when Daniel was here was a slightly mentally challenged mother and her obviously not mentally challenged at all three-year-old daughter with CP in a tiny wheelchair.  I believe the girl is named Catherine, although I might be wrong.  But I know she was definitely a pro at ignoring people until they stopped treating her like an infant.  At one point, we looked at each other like we get it and they don't.  It was pretty cool to see a little me fighting just as hard as I did to be seen and heard.  Her mother is good at fighting for her, but in a way she is fighting in the wrong direction, lobbying for special education all the way because mom has good memories of that.  Hopefully she will see differently and turn around soon.

But it was pretty surprising to see that written down as a positive and not negative thing.  It made me even more homesick.

On the way to type this, I discovered that today is the 19th anniversary of the Americans with disabilities act.  I read through the whole thing once when it was first written.  But I don't remember at all now.  I just know that without it live would be harder but we still have a long way to go.  Mostly about people's attitudes.  You could add a ramp into every karaoke bar in the country, but the attitude inside might still be the same.  What?  That little girl in a wheelchair is going to sing?  Or even dance?  Gasp.

And speaking of Chad and Audrey, who were entertainingly so uncomfortable with the fact that we were so physically comfortable with each other, it is their sixth wedding anniversary today.

Anyway, Daniel, thanks for publicly affirming me in something that I do.  I love you.  You're right.  It is needed sometimes.  A rare spot of sunshine in what otherwise could be a gloomy few months.  I feel like the Little engine that could and Harry Potter all at once.

And yes, that movie was good.

Uber-geeks of the world, unite!

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