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Amber's got talent, or how I made more money in a night than in a month

Something kind of fun and funny happened to me last night. 

I won third place in a talent contest.  I've got talent!  Either that, or everyone just thought it was so cute that a little girl in a wheelchair was reading poetry.  Either way, I won $25, plus eight dollars in stage tips, totaling $33, which is officially more than they give me per month here.  Not bad for a night's work, whatever their motivation.

Still, I just have to say that if I hear the word inspiration one more time in the next week, I'm going to hurl or scream, or both.  Giggle.  The pieces I read are under my writing section as Phoenix Rising and A Response to Pity.

Now I have to go off to get my head examined.  See you soon.

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