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Need a phone number? God the operator is standing by...

So, apparently God is now some kind of cosmic directory service.  I just checked my phone messages and found one from the ex-boyfriend that I had to file a restraining order against.  The restraining order is now lapsed, but I had not heard from him.  Until today when I checked my messages.

He said that he had a vision where God gave him my phone number, which is unlisted for the very reason of keeping it from this person.  He said that in the vision God told him that both of our sins were forgiven, i.e.  all of the wrongdoings of us both.  And he was supposed to give me the message.  He said when he woke up his face was shining white like an angel.  And he had peace.  He loves me and goodbye.  That was the message.  Non-threatening, so I can't legally do anything about it yet, but still.  How the hell did he get my phone number?

Although I'm safe where I'm at now even if he does find me, because he won't be allowed into the building, I'm still kind of freaking out.

I don't know what to do except change the number again.

Sigh.  Just when I thought I was done with all of this.

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