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In October 2007 I traveled to Morocco.  I went to Marrakech, Ouarzazte and Ourika Valley.  I also passed through Casablanca.  It was my first time traveling to a country like Morocco.  Crowded, loud and full of strange scents I was often overwhelmed by everything especially since I didn't speak the language, but I'm glad I went. 

Two snippets of lyrics popped into my head a lot while I was there:

"A man walks down the street, it's a street in a strange world or maybe it's the third world, or maybe it's his first time around.  He doesn't speak the language; he holds no currency.  He is a foreign man.  He is surrounded by the sound, the sound, of cattle in the marketplace..."

- Paul Simon ("Call Me Al")

"Would you like my mask?  Would you like my mirror?  Cries the man in the shadowing hood.  You can look at yourself, you can look at each other, or you can look at the face, the face of your god..."

- Loreena McKennitt ("Marrakesh Night Market")