Phillip's Writings

Ode to the floor

The floor moves under me lifts up deliberately Tripping me up pulls me softly almost tenderly with gravity pulling me down to kiss it like a lover would like a lover should pulled like only love could You and I have long been lovers I know your textured surfaces well having explored you. Falling is an act of hommage or love. I stumble over your body exploring the softness of carpet like pubic hair of tiles like skin stretched tight of concrete hardness like bones. Slipping…

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I say, you say (or talking to the phyical therapist)

You say it was in your best interests, I say the scars are deep you say I had no choice I say I own this pain you say the pain was for your own good I say where do you begin to understand what you wrote on me you say I tried to correct your wrongness I say you wrote in big black and red letters you say I didnt enjoy doing it I say You are no different than the Nazi you say We only…

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Mirror Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, Is what you show me , me at all? Mirror, mirror on the wall, Thats not me in the mirror, you know, at all. MIrror mirror on the wall, You warp and twist a truth, not me at all, Mirror mirror on the wall, You play with reflected reality, and think that's cool, mirror mirror on the wall, you've over played the cards, your hand, your bluff I call, Mirror mirror on the wall, I am hero god Prometheus come again,…

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A Question

Disabled, disaprooved off, deformed, what previous resurrection resulted in this rectribution, this reasonable retrograde remedial reincarnation, this Karmic crusade of puritanical penence punctuated with impractical punitive purpose. was I, in some prehistoric past life a pitiful puritan, All preachy and ready to punish the poor for their poverty, Or some jesuit in the name of jesus justified inquisition am I guilty of some terrible traumatic trespass Or is it all a roll and the risk of lady lucks dice.... Fate flips a coin.

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The Last Human

I am the last human being alive. The inter-species war has killed every other human being. I will be dead soon too.

The process that has led to the Earth becoming uninhabitable for humans has been a slow process over the past 500,000 years. The arrogance of humans in the 21st century has resulted in a failure to evolve as a race. This arrogance said that humans had finished evolving this mentality had began the long road to extinction.200,000 years prior neanderthal man ruled the earth…

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A nightmare

'How is everyone tonight...' the announcer is obviously American. The deafening roar of the crowd. ‘I asked you how is everyone tonight?' An even louder roar from the crowd. 'We have great show tonight'. rampant clapping. The victims are brought in, the disabilities are obvious as is their fear. The audience cheer. The men in the white coats are waiting on the side lines. The program is just another involuntary euthanasia show. You switch of the TV. To answer how this could happen we have to…

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I believe that the argument for acceptance of chronic pain ultimately makes us invisible to the very people who have the power to help us, the medical professionals. I find Hanson's article, found on line here fails to recognize the point that you can sugar coat any theory, make it sound viable but it doesn't actually work. Change the term chronic pain for say slavery or spousal abuse in any article arguing for the acceptance of chronic pain Any situation can be accepted, but to accept…

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We are very displeased

This is the message written in the year 2010 AD burnt into the crust of the earth's, moon's surface. The message was written in 1,000 metre letters, and could be read from earth with a good telescope. However it took a dyslexic, cerebral palsied, astronomer to decipher the message.


Because of the strange way it was written. It was written in every language still in use on the planet. But no one, but a cerebral palsied dyslexic, would have been able to see the message,…

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The art of kissing a frog

Is there an art to turning a frog into a prince, Does frog have to want to change into a prince, Does it matter if they are compatable, Does it matter if she's not a princess, Does it matter if she's not stunnningly knock dead gorgeous, Does she have to care, Does frog prince have to care, Does she have to believe in the magic, the miracle of the first kiss, Does frog prince have to believe that she's a true princess, Does that first kiss…

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There is a legend about cannabal wannabe/devotees called cannabes. Even the normal run of the mill wannabes and devotees don't like the cannabes. You ask me what a cannabe is. It has been said that no such being could exist, but I have it on good authority that they really do exist, having met one.

What is a cannabe? The name cannabe combines the 3 dominant forces at work

We will call this cannabe George, I have a thing for Georges, all Wolf and Huntsman spiders,…

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Genesis revisited

He hath learnt from the holy books and he is learned in the ways of detection, Any abnormality is abomination, Pure is the race of man and he learnt the unholy signs of sin written on the bodies of the sinners. He is offered worship, for he doth come to save the pure and destroy the sinner. The geneticist ordered Abraham And he said, Take now thy son Thine only son Isaac whom thou lovest, who is a genetic abomination and get thee into the hospital…

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Rent a Body

You have a special anniversary approaching, or event you want to celebrate, and you don't know what to give him/her, why not give Rent A Body a call?

Renting a body isn't as costly as you might think and we have bodies to fit every occasion.

Women would you like to look like a 20 year old for your husband on that special occasion.

Men would you like to have a more impressive set of muscles.

Why not rent a body.

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