Nadia's Writings

When will the mourning stop

My Protector; Soulmate; Helpmate is gone! GONE? My heart feels so heavy with grief it mars! Maybe I will plant a red maple tree like your long red hair blowing wild and free; dreams reaching out to the sky; with no limits reminding me of our yesterdays young bright hopes & surprises with it's roots grabbing the earth so strong like inexperienced youths beginnings; --- only to be shaken by realities harsh winds from tomorrows dark skies; blowing messy bright; colorfull leaves around falling like mournful…

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You Just Never Know

When I was married you admired me for my attentiveness to my husband; house; to others when around and all my creative abilities; cooking; decorating; my humor; my looks or so you said! When you get tired of your wife can I have her? you would say!------ - - - - Years pass- - - - I'm dancing in a club; I'm single; you buy me drinks- - - - beg me to dance with you because it was your birthday! Well as you may have…

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On The Outside Looking In

I have always felt I did not quite fit in amongst the people of the 80's when I found myself once again alone living a life without a partner And I knew nothing of men except for the unwanted liberties men tried to take from me as young as 7 when I was very young; unprotected in hospitals in the mist of strangers; sensing even then something was very wrong!

Then once again I was thrusted out into a harsh world old enough now but still…

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Wouldn't It Be Nice

I Have This Utopian Belief Don't Have Ta Die To Get Some Relief I'd Be This Most Honest Goddess In A Perfect Imperfect world Waving My Wand Fluttering Happily; Freely Wiping Out Hate ; Indifference; Greed; Sorrow; Fear and Despair Evoking Empathy Not Sympathy Getting People To Feel and Care

WAKE UP GET UP GET REAL! TRY AGAIN Close Your Eyes; Yikes! I See this Big Angry Monster Maiming and Killing Stop; Wait! Hasn't This All Been Done Before? Oh Yeah It Was The 3rd Reich…

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Desperation Got Me Down Down To The Ground

Hanging on not just by a thread but by a hair; my life is in limbo. My mind is boggled down with tomorrows needs that never get met. Waiting; waiting trying so very hard to get to another deed or chore; my chin is dragging once more on the floor. Again and again I ask myself is life going to let me live it; or will I wear down to nothingness? I try to expand my mind to push forward but life for me stands still.…

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To Nose

Nothing is forever as it seems Rest in peace, escape the pain Except in my heart you will always remain Without you in this world Nothing will ever feel quite the same.

Do you hear me? Are you there? Enter my dreams, I scream Appear to me if you dare For I won't easily scare. I swear I miss you Dear, Close, Forever Friend and hope you take care. Sometimes life just isn't fair! And death seems so unjust.

Please stay in contact so I can…

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