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The ass is always greener over the office table.

I wrote a while ago how it's not easy being green, but today I got to be even greener.

Apparently there was a green marker (with no cap) laying on the table I was leaning on at work.  Well one thing led to another and in a matter of a few short minutes my pants, underpants, and butt were covered with green spots.  Of course nobody mentioned this to me, I discovered it when I got home from work.

Hopefully they'll wash off by the time I get to the resort this weekend.  It's funny enough telling my clothing addicted friends how I hate to wear clothes and so I can only imagine how more so it will be when I have to explain to my unclothed friends as to why my butt has the Martian measels.

I guess things could have been worse...  It could have been a brown marker.

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