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Stupid people..

Well, I was told I needed to get me one of these here blogs so I could vent when I needed to.  So here goes.... 

I don't use the kind of cell phone where you have to pay a monthly fee and have unlimited minutes and all of these new techie stuff I wouldn't understand anyway.  I have just a simple Tracfone, where every two months I spend $20 to buy some minutes and if I don't use all of those minutes up in two months, it adds up.  It has served my purpose for a few years now because all I need is a phone that I can use when I am out somewhere if I need to.  I don't keep it on all the time and I don't use it allot. 

This past Christmas, I decided I wanted a new phone but still a Tracfone, this one is just smaller and it is a flip phone.  I like it allot.  But from day one I have had a problem with when I call somebody that has caller ID, my number shows up but it shows a foreign persons name.  At first I didn't think about it because like I said, I don't use it that much.  Plus if somebody has my number programmed into their phone it will show up with my name.  No big deal, right?  Well I noticed after awhile that it seemed that there was some people that wouldn't answer the phone because of the name it showed on the caller ID.  So back a few months ago I started trying to call Tracfone and see if they could help me.  The first time I called they said it would be fixed in 4-6 hours.  Well, it wasn't but then I would forget about it because I can go weeks sometimes without even using my phone. 

Anyway, back about a month ago I was determined to try again and to keep trying til I got it fixed.  Every time I called, I would get people I couldn't even hardly understand but basically they would just tell me again that it would be fixed in 4 - 6 hours.  So a couple days ago I tried again.  I was a little more stern this time in letting them know I wanted it fixed.  I provided them with the name it was showing on the id, and everything.  Again they say, give it 4 - 6 hours, sorry for the inconvience.  (somehow I didn't believe them) Well, yesterday it still wasn't fixed so I made up my mind, that today I was going to call them back, and demand a new number or new phone. 

I call, and I get this man on the phone and finally somebody I can understand so I thought "I might get somewhere this time".  Here is where the title of this blog comes from.  He had to be one of the most stupid people I have talked to.  I repeated my problem......again.  I told him it made no sense and that there had to be something that could be done.  He kept just saying "yes, I see where you have called several times, and it has been reset" He wanted to hang up and leave it at that!  I said well ya know, it still isnt working so can I just get a new number.  His response to me was "well ma'm.  if we do this your phone number will change".  That is about when I wanted to open a can of whup ass on him.  I asked him if I would lose my minutes, he said no I wouldn't but repeated AGAIN "but if we do this, you will have a new phone number" No shit sherlock!  He kept saying that caller id probably just wasn't available in my area.  I finally convinced him to change my number.  I do not see how people like that can keep a job.  I wanted to tell him exactly what he could do with my phone, and it would have been very painful!  Anyway, my phone seems to be working now with my new number.  Talking to Tracfone's help desk is as bad as calling Dell's help desk and that is pretty bad. 

Take care and God Bless,


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