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Cheap bastard

I'm wondering why I feel so funny about running to the store after seeing milk on sale for 88 cents a gallon.

I guess I learned from watching others that it's a really bad idea to go into debt, so it's something I have always avoided.  In my entire adult life, I've never owed a dime that I could not pay off right there and then if requested.  If I couldn't afford something then I really didn't need it and if I really wanted something but really didn't need it then I could still pass it by.  It's not to say that I'm a miser, it is just that I found that if I avoid buying a lot of crap then later on I can afford other really cool toys and get them without incurring any debt.

The only reason for mentioning the milk was because since leaving my job my eating patterns have changed significantly.  Until now, food was my only exclusion from spending limits.  I got what I thought was tasty and to hell with the prices.  I also ate out often.  Now that I'm on my extended break, I'm planning out my meals and buying most things when they're on sale.  I'm also eating a lot less.  I've for the most part given up soda and taken up yogurt, given up store bread for homemade bread, and such.  I now have time to hike again.

I just weighed myself and I've lost almost 20 pounds in 2 1/2 months.

Well, I guess this was a mindless ramble because I have now have no idea what my point was supposed to be in writing all this.  Maybe I was just documenting life's changes.  I don't know.

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