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Several directions at once

The last few months have been different and difficult.

Since my last post I found out my friend Denise had died.  I had not heard from her for a while and then one day when I was simply thinking about her, her husband contacted me to let me know.  Denise was one of the most intelligent and "no-nonsense" women I have ever met.  She never let anything get in her way.

Next, three weeks ago, myself and my employer of the last decade went our separate ways.  I could probably fill a book with the details, some good and some bad, but in the interest of maintaining good will, I will keep those details to myself.  I wish them the best.  As for me, I'm just beginning to adjust to the change.  I plan to take a year or two off of working but I may look for some part time job just to keep me socialized.  Preferably, something not involving technology.  The good side of it all is that I have not had a migraine since the day I left.  I've been doing a lot of reading and walking lately and spending much less time in front of the computer screen.

On Thursday, some sad news turned to good news was that another friend who I had assumed died was found to be alive, just not doing well.

Then the next day, a week ago Friday to be exact, it went from good news to sad news again when I got a call from the mother of my dear friend Amy telling me that Amy had committed suicide.  She was a woman I had corresponded with online for many years and I had hoped to meet in person next summer.  Nothing romantic, just a kind and compassionate friend who could see all that which was not obvious and find a realistic solution to any problem.  Unfortunately there was no solution for her problems and she decided it was time to go.  Though I did not take the news very well, I still respect her decision.  To those who may be puzzled, I very rarely talked about her with others and she did the same with me.  This is my first public mention of her and out of that continuing respect it will be my last.  It was a personal and private friendship that I will miss.

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