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Bare bum, bum rap.

Last week was a pretty un-fun time.

At work we had a company potluck lunch and I was nominated to bring banana creme pies.  The last time we had a potluck for just our floor, everyone raved over the pies and they simply couldn't get enough of them.  This time I made 2 extra large ones.

To make things interesting, one of my co-workers who knows I'm a nudist, for reasons only known to her she decided to bring that information to her friend who also happens to be a company VP.  She also told him that I cook nude (so does she), even though out of respect everyone, I always wear stuff when I cook for others.

I know the VP could really care less that I'm a nudist, but his sense of humor goes a little further than it should and my choice of lifestyle and my pies became the center of jokes and unnecessary comments.

All of it was very unwelcome and because of it I will avoid attending future company-wide potlucks.

It's not that I am embarrassed about being a nudist, because I'm not, it's just that what I choose to reveal to my friends at work should not be revealed to my bosses.  I like my bosses, but they are not my friends and I intentionally leave them out of the loop.  My co-worker, on the other hand, likes to talk about everything with everyone with little or no discretion and apparently drops my name into discussions where no other person on the planet would think to do so.

For the record, I rarely wear clothes at home.  They're uncomfortable and a plain nuisance.  I am not an exhibitionist.  I don't run around thinking "Oh gosh, Bob and Martha simply must see my wonderful penis today!"  Most of my friends have seen me nude and a few have never even seen me with clothes on.  They accept it as a part of who I am and quite a few have expressed that they are proud of me for having the guts to be myself and not be intimidated by my disabilities.

Then there is my "nudist lifestyle."  On the weekends I usually spend the day at the "clothing optional" resort of which I am a member.  I enjoy it because when I get there, the regulars smile and greet me; when I leave they say goodbye; and for most of the time in between they leave me to myself.  Since it's way too hot to hike right now, I usually spend the whole day chest deep in the pool reading a book.  I've read quite a few books since joining.  If I happen to hear an interesting discussion, I'll join in for a bit, but I eventually get back to my reading.  Last week a small group of us conversed about things like guns, professional photography and trips to the traveling Vietnam memorial.  I also got the whole New Testament on CD and plan to start listening to that while I'm there.

One of the really cool things there last week was the AANR Nudist Kids Camp.  At the pool it was adults-vs-kids in water volleyball and the kids kicked butt.  Earlier in the day one camper, a young girl, saved a honeybee from the water and stayed with it until it could fly again.  It was really heart warming.  On the more serious side of camp, the kids were learning about body awareness.  Nudist children know they are the sole owners of their bodies and that nobody has the right to invade it.

And because of that, you won't find nudist children hiding in dark corners playing doctor; you won't find nudist children being anorexic or bulemic, crying about and starving themselves to near the point of death over the fact they don't fit into Barbie doll sized dental floss bathing suits; and you won't find nudist children having sex and getting pregnant at camp.  For all of that you just need to rush on over to the camps that Florida Congressman Mark Foley and Arizona Speaker of the House Jake Flake want kids to go to.

No child has ever left a nudist camp pregnant, but I'll sure as hell bet cash that a good number of children have walked into the homes and offices of our political leaders only to later walk out sexually molested and pregnant.  Are these two the same?  Do they  find children sexually attactive and therefor assume everyone else does too?  What a better place to hide than to be a loudmouth spokesman in office.  It's happened before.  Me thinks they doth protest too much.

To you both:  If you really want to keep children safe from sexual predators, post the National Guard at the homes and offices of Catholic priests.  Better yet, if you want to protect even more children, simply resign from office.

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