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Please don't feed the negros.

That was supposed to be the title of a book by syndicated radio talk show host Ken Hamblin but the publisher decided on another title.  It was deemed politically incorrect, though "offensive" is a much better term.  Ken thought that the title would cause people pay better attention to the content, which would explain the real meaning of the phrase.  Sometimes it takes shock value to get a point across.

For the last week I've been doing the same with the topics of my chat room at Disabilities-R-Us.  To any sensible person, the topics were highly offensive.  From observation, I noted that the people who they were aimed at became very indignant, not because they felt guilt or shame but because how dare anyone single them out.  A few other were just concerned, and the rest were offended but knew there was some purpose.

What brought this all about was a chat room discussion where everyone was throwing out all sorts of very lame excuses as to why it is acceptable to steal software and music over the Internet.  Many were just modified and toned down excuses of previous excuses used to commit some of the worst atrocities mankind could inflict on others.  People who know they are doing wrong will always look for a way to minimize or excuse their behavior.

One argued that if an artist profits from his/her creation, then he isn't a "true artist." Utter hogwash.  Computer programming is an art.  Fixing cars is an art.  Being a doctor is an art.  Should people not be allowed to earn a living from something they do very well?  Do you ever remember doing something you really love and saying "If I could only make money doing this?" Well some people can!  And what do they get for it?  Ripped off.

Another said that since companies sell ways to record music and copy software, it's their own fault that people do so.  Apply this same mentality to another facet of life and it is no wonder why some of the population believes that if a woman dresses provocatively, she deserves to get raped.  It is not that far of a stretch.  You are indeed capable of stabbing and killing someone with a knife, but just because you have one in your hand does not mean you are obligated to kill someone and should then excused if you choose to do so.  The next day that same person told a new member where he could download a shareware chat program and then actually repeatedly urged him NOT to pay for it.  I know the author of that program and all his is asking for is $20.  Not a bad price for something he has been writing for 7 years.

One woman prattled on about how these musicians sit in their mansions all day living like kings.  I'll bet she never gave a second of thought of how those same musicians busted their asses for 10 or 15 years living in their cars and singing in crappy smoke filled bars and in order to get to the point where they can actually earn a living.  They bust their ass and benefit from their work, and she calls them greedy.  She sits on her ass all day stealing music and talking in chat rooms and believes herself to be a warrior against rampant capitalism.  She cheats and steals, yet I am the one labeled a miserable self-righteous bastard for pointing it out.

Yahoo and other web sites offer FREE email and FREE games.  To pay expenses incurred in providing these FREE services they show advertisements.  I'm happy with that arrangement.  That's not good enough for our freeloading friends, though.  They write the companies demanding "find some other way to make money to pay for the FREE stuff you give us" and then they go out and get (or steal) software that lets them block the advertisements.  When those companies are finally forced to start charging for services, what is the first thing out of their mouths?  "Those greedy bastards!" It is no wonder so many's went out of business.  They trusted in people.  Big mistake.

A few days ago I saw one nice person helping out the others by recommending firewalls and virus protection software to keep them safe while online.  Right after that I saw someone else refuse to use that same software until he then discovered he could get an illegal copy online.  Pretty damn pathetic.

I, like many others provide a free chat service.  It costs about $15,000 a year to keep it all connected plus I pay all the hardware and software costs for the 3 servers (about $7500 so far.)  In 6 years, only 3 people have donated to what totals about $200.

The thing I have been wondering lately is that if I am helping to perpetuate the problem.  Even though I care about many of the people there, I have been giving serious thought to shutting down Disabilities-R-Us. Many use it, but few truly actually appreciate it and other than occasional lip service, even fewer would ever lift a finger to help out if it was really needed.  Sure they enjoy it, but is it really contributing to them becoming better people?  Do they have a real understanding of their own abilities and how much they can learn and grow from the knowledge available online?  I used to think so but after last week's conversation, I don't think so anymore.  What most (but not all) see before them is free music, free software and free porn.  Still, I haven't made a decision yet.

What it really comes down to is that modern society expects everything to be given to them upon demand and without cost.  Anyone who doesn't hand it over on a silver platter with a smile is a greedy republican asshole.

10 Manifestations of Evil in America by Barry Young

  1. Unparalleled Prosperity - Our success has produced an "ease of living" that has bred a general complacency on the part of each individual.  This is especially true with regard to parenting.
  2. Self - Instead of weighing all that we see and experience against absolutes such as Truth, Honor, and Integrity - we now concentrate on "feelings." Instead of teaching our children that self respect is a natural by-product of doing what is right and living life truthfully and fully, we instead teach them that they are nothing without "self-esteem" and that they are to get it at any cost.
  3. Greed - Our greed has caused an unquenchable thirsting for material items to the exclusion of life's most important pursuits - Integrity and Truth.
  4. Money - Our unbridled pursuit of money to the exclusion of all else.
  5. Pleasure - Our endless pursuit of it at the exclusion of all else.
  6. Sex - Our lust for it to the exclusion of all else.
  7. Entertainment - Our pursuit of mindless and violent entertainment in movies, television and video games.
  8. Vicarious Living - Our fascination with vicarious living (the living of our lives through others) exemplified by People Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, etc.
  9. Pride - Pride has led to a Moral Blindness so that, as a society, we no longer have the ability to see or feel or in any way detect the Evil that has washed over us.
  10. Moral Anarchy - Our creation of a life absent of God - One who provides the Human race with an external and objective set of values and rules to live by, has led us to an endless and fruitless internal search of what we "feel" to be right, using our own set of self-created values.

If everyone does what he "feels" is right, then who is to prevail when there are two or more mutually exclusive possible solutions to a dilemma?  If everyone is in charge, then no one is in charge.

And finally - If we rear our children in a valueless society without morals, should we really be surprised that we should end up with children who are without values and morals?

To all those who sit up and say "Amen" to the above and then sit back down to finish copying illegal MP3's and pirated software, YOU are epitome of what is said above and I truly dislike you.

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