Outside the Box


2007 has been a year of life lessons that's for sure.  I cannot chronical everything that has happened, because to be honest, I am sure that there are things that I blocked out and things that I want to block out.   

I strived so hard to be the kind of person that God can one day say, "Well done my good and faithful servant." Some were receptive to it, some called me a "butt-in-ski" for trying to follow my conscience.  So good intentions can be misunderstood, which is heart breaking and hard to comprehend especially when I so wanted them to be a part of our lives.   

Admitting recently that I am also a very selfish person was hard to do.  We tried to do a good thing for a family member who had been majorly shit upon and lost everything they owned.  This family member should never have been seperated from where they came from, but we did what we had to do at the time.  Being away from family and being in a place where being normal was not normal caused great oppression in our home.  It was time to return them to where they belonged.  It was a long four months. 

I am hoping that things will return to normal for all involved.  I am having a hard time reconciling all that happened, but in time, it will be a distant memory.   

One of my husband's brothers died the other day, he was in prison and we didn't even know it...we had not heard from him or about him in over 10 years.  How sad.  I heard he found Jesus...For that I am thankful! 

My family & friends mean more then life to me, even if they don't know it.  Last February when my sisters and my mom and dad and niece were here with us was one of the greatest times ever...those type of memories I never want to forget. 

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