Amber's Writings

First Dance

I danced today.
For the first time, I really danced.

Alone in my room,
in my house,
in my nameless gloom,
I felt my spirit rouse.

I want to DANCE!
Strapped in this chair?
How?  Where?

The thought wouldn't let me go.
So, I popped in the Newsboys
and started out slow.

Back and forth.
Side to side.
How slow and silly this feels!
(It's much easier to keep a beat
using feet than if you're using wheels.)

Tomorrow, Lord.
Just let me have one dull day.
Okay, okay!

The fog inside begins to lift,
and I drift toward my stereo.

Make 'em wonder what you've got.
Make 'em wish that they were not
on the outside looking bored..."

Suddenly, I was no longer on the outside.
I was dancing!
Oh, it was nothing you could see.
(I was still moving slowly and off-beat.)
The change was inside of me.

My spirit was free and happy,
so it didn't matter if my moves weren't "snappy".
Thank You, Father.
I praise You for Your "voice" through music.

Let it shine before all men.
Let 'em see good works, and then,
let 'em glorify the Lord."

Always, Father.

I danced today.
I shone today.