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To my donators...

Thank you very much for helping me out via my PayPal donation button.  For those people that do, if it makes a difference, please note that I have changed my primary e-mail address there to [email protected].  This is now my main e-mail address as the Westwind one does not appear to work anymore.  I can get no e-mail there, the account died.  So I wasn't getting any of my donation notices.  So send donations to that e-mail address, and Daniel, if you have to change the code of the little button, please go ahead.

Also as an alternative, you can consider making a donation via gift certificate.  There are a couple plus sides to this for me.  I get the full donation instead of having a little bit taken off as a fee, I can not be tempted to use the money donated to me to help other people, which I am getting better about it, but it's always a temptation, or just use it toward bills, which always seems to happen, and it will help me toward my current goal of obtaining an Amazon Kindle, which they just upgraded.  I'm so excited.  There is a bigger screen and they added text-to-speech, although the author can determine whether that function is enabled or not for their books.

It's still $359, which is high but not bad when you consider that it includes free wireless access to the Internet for a lifetime.  I have $100 in certificate so far, and my birthday is coming up, so I feel confident that I will have one soon.  After that I will use certificates to buy the books I don't already have to transfer over.  I am pretty savvy on how to get free books and convert them, but just like music nowadays, I try to actually buy them, now that I know some writers and musicians.

Does anyone know how to directly get ahold of Jeff Bezos or whatever his name is, the head of Amazon?  If they would donate, I would be willing to do all kinds of advertisements for them and other things about how accessible it is, and I would write a review on all my books.  Sounds like a win-win to me.  Smile  I am trying the channels I know.

Anyway, it is lunchtime and then I am going to try going to poker tonight since I didn't go anywhere over the weekend.  I love you all.

PS.  Daniel, you should add a "Money" tag!  Smile

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