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Stories of Healing

Earlier this year I started doing "discipleship" with my friend Brian.  If you're not familiar with the term, consider it "peer mentoring" with a Christian theme.  We would get together for a couple hours each week for prayer, reflection and discussion.  We're currently taking a break from it due to scheduling conflicts but we will start again soon.

A couple of discussions we have had were about God healing people, and another about the need for stories.  People need credible stories, and myself personally being a big skeptic about all things spoken, I need them too.

This week I got two stories of miracles.

One is from a woman at my church.  I don't really know her well other than she was in a wheelchair every time I saw her and that she needed to be carried up and down stairs.  She was suffering a rare debilitating illness called Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and several other related illnesses, all serious.  Hers was bad enough to get her into medical journals.  You notice how I keep saying was?

This Sunday she was invited to speak of her healing.  Earlier in the week, a group from the church laid their hands on her and prayed for healing.  She said that at that very moment, a very specific pain associated with POTS instantly disappeared and has not returned.  The next day she was running on a treadmill.  She can eat a regular diet again.  Then, there she was, standing on her own two feet, smiling and speaking to us for quite some time and as spunky as ever.

Next was a woman who goes to my Wednesday bible study.  Just several days ago she was not feeling well, so she drove herself to the hospital and was promptly admitted.  According to her doctor, her hemoglobin count was so low that she should have been dead and that he had never seen a living patient with her low of a level.  Yet, there she was and she had even driven herself to the hospital.

Then there is another lady from my Wednesday bible study who has been in excruciating pain for quite some time and has required a mobility walker.  When she came to church last Sunday, another church member came over to her and said he felt directed to pray for her healing and as he did, she felt a change and suddenly the pain was completely gone and she no longer needs the walker.

God is good.

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