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I've been in a semi-sorta mixed bitchy and very anxiety filled mood for a few weeks and I am told that I have done a damned good job of hiding it from everyone.  Mostly shit I don't want to talk about yet.  I suppose there was no real need to even mention it but sometimes there is a compelling need for people to know that my life does indeed have substance.

I say that because sometimes when I am around a lot of people, it strikes me that everyone around me is a whole and unique person.  Like me, they have thoughts, ideas, friends and their days are occupied by various activities.  I suppose one would have to be sociopathic to not understand that -- which I promise I am not -- but sometimes the enormity of the universe hits me all at once and it surprises me.  Sometimes I wish we could all momentarily experience the experiences of others, just as a reminder that everyone has substance, regardless of our opinion of them.  I too have substance.  For now I live, love and breathe, and then some day I wont.  Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.

Anyway, keeping myself occupied has consisted of working on the previously mentioned IRC server.  Toss into that I repaired, wiped and reloaded Liz's laptop with Fedora 7 Linux.  It is now better, faster and stronger than it ever was.  Next sprinkle on some web stuff...  I set my parents and a sister up with their own domain name for email.  They got and I may do the same for  Well, perhaps not.  People always seem to know how to spell Kostanecki but the moment I say Stasinski they start adding or subtracting all sorts of letters and vowels that have no logical place in my name when you consider the pronunciation.

I'm going to start playing with the new camera too.  I bought a Canon S5 recently but it has been too damned hot to go out and use it but now the weather is cooling off.  I am also looking to buy a Canon 40D but will wait a few months.  I want to hear about others experiences with it first.  I've purchased a few Canon A570's as gifts for others and I think I might pick up one for me too.  It's a great little pocket camera.  Perfect for day trips. 

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