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Maintenance Men Gone Wild!

While I was at work the electrician showed up to fix the wiring for my garbage disposal.  He worked for about 10 minutes and then made his way into my living room, to my coffee table, where he then satisfied his literary and observational pleasures with an assortment of my AANR and TNS periodicals.  Shortly thereafter, he made use of my bathroom for an extended period.

Apparently, he ignored the sticker on my front door that warns all who enter that the premises has very complete live video surveillance.  I called the manager and she enlightened him that I was watching him from my office.  When he turned back to his normal skin color, he returned and completed nothing else but the work he had been assigned.

The manager loved the printout of still-photos, one large photo suitable for framing, motion detector logs and the freshly burned CD with everything on it.

Technology can be fun!

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