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Seth's disability was 3rd degree burns over most of his face and body.  He also had severe lung damage from breathing the hot smoke.

For the longest time I hated Seth because I thought he was an insensitive asshole who only cared about his own needs.  He pretty much felt the same about me.  His rise to the top of my shit list came on the day he took alcohol to Keteri even though he knew she was an alcoholic.

Seth was the one who let everyone know about Keteri's death.  He loved her too and was completely devastated.  During her memorial service, he told a story about their first meeting, the one that made me hate him so much.  When he came to her door, she held him and asked if she could touch his face.  Nobody had touched him since the day of his accident.  From the rest of the story I learned that no, he wasn't the bad person I thought he was, he just had no clue about certain social graces.

One of Ket's wishes was for us to become friends and we did.  She told him to listen to me because I was smart and for me to listen to him because he was kind.  We did a lot of listening to each other.

Seth moved away later that year.  I would hear from him from time to time, to learn of his new job and his engagement to Lucinda.  I had to tell him that our mutual friend Starleen died a few months earlier.

One day in early February of 1999, Seth came online into the #Disabled chatroom chatroom to say goodbye.  Lucinda told me that died only minutes later.

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