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You're not the boss of me.

Have you ever noticed that when you find something interesting, you then begin to see it everywhere?

I first noticed it when we hired a kid named Orlando as a junior tech in our office.  Within a day, the name Orlando was appearing everywhere.  News about happenings in Orlando, FL.  A mini-documentary about Tony Orlando.  When he later quit, the popularity of his name died out.

The thing I'm noticing now is people saying "You have no right to judge me!"  In the last few days, it has been said to me in person, I've heard it on the radio and have seen it in people's "blogs" (online web logs like this one.)  Each time, I was enjoying what was being said until they got to that particular statement.

Who came up with that stupid idea anyway?  Yes, stupid!  I am allowed to think and say that!  The truth is, I have every right to judge you.  I just did.  I can listen to you speak, or read your words, and judge you to be an incredible genius, a spineless weenie or a complete dumbass.  I can look at you and think you're a stark raving beauty, an abnormally skinny runt or just plain fat.  I have a God given right to think anything I want about anything I want, and that includes what I think about you.  You have the right to do the same with me.

The only thing I do not have the right to do is bring harm to you because of what I think of you.  Someone else said it as "Your right to disagree with me ends at my nose."

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