Fourteen Steps to Nowhere

Entry Twenty-Six

TFU is back up.  It's nice that it has a home.  It's strange looking through its archives.  That's a completely different part of my life.  Fiona turned very bitter in the end although no one saw that part of her because it was never put up.  Perhaps one day I'll be able to finish TFU, or at least finish its storylines.  It has several that never aired.  I did throw away a lot of unaired strips.  It makes me sad to think of strips buried in dumpsters or in dumps somewhere, rotting away.

In other news, I do want to get back into the art of comic strips, have for a while.  Rat Math is an idle thought.  It love rats.  It's not a secret.  I have many ideas for Rat Math and I'm trying to convince Daniel to simulataneously run Moon Dog.  I think it would be a good thing for both of us.  Give us something to regularly do and maybe, if we get a little fanbase, generate an income for Saidsimple to help keep it afloat since that's always something to think about.  Maybe I'm putting the carriage before the horse though.  Having been in the comic strip business before (and still being in it (I have another comic although I'm not saying where for my sanity's sake)) I know that fan's do not spring up overnight and that it's a hard commitment to keep.  Even once weekly can seem like a chore.  I admire anyone who can do it, and for those who work on a daily basis I am even more in awe.

Stay tuned for Rat Math updates...

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