Fourteen Steps to Nowhere

Entry Eighteen

As a practicing pagan, any attention in the public arena can be unnerving because much of it comes unduly from associations of paganism, or more specifically witchcraft as bad, evil or any generic nasty adjective.  Christian or not, male or female, people have been ingrained with the idea that witch equals bad.  Thus I am bothered by careless use of such "hot" words.  I'm not usually one to push for politically correct speech, but I do believe in and understand its importance in certain places.  PC speech is pushed onto people almost religiously in some instances and then not in others.  I do not like double standards.  This is just a small rant for which I am not providing much evidence since if I try to I will launch into a tirade on etymology, theology, philosophy and history.  Thus, I will just leave this link with a few words and let you, dear reader, draw your own conclusions: Boy's Limbs 'Severed for Witchcraft'.  No possibly, maybe or doubts despite the fact that nothing is known for sure.

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