Fourteen Steps to Nowhere

Entry Eleven

Strange love, this friendship thing.  Friendship, it truely is a labor of love.  There is no such thing as friendship without love, whether the love is platonic or not, there is love.  Friendship without love is not friendship.  It is...the pain of a hermit, the pain of entirely being alone.  I was listening to a song earlier, and I misheard the lyrics.  I thought the lyrics were "This love/This love is a strange love/This love is a rainy day love" and it amazed me - those are words to describe friendship.

In the desert, the rain is something we rarely see.  We take it for granted that the rain will come at some point, will save us from shriveling up and falling out of this mortal coil.  So many friendships are like that, and they shouldn't be.  Love your friends.  Don't take the rain for granted.

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