Fourteen Steps to Nowhere

Entry One

Entry One

So, I'm a person who Daniel deemed cool enough to recieve a page of her own.


I guess I'll start with an introduction.

I have a minor obsession with things feline.  My name reflects this fact.  Neko means "cat" while Haya, in my influent mind, meant quick.  I was later corrected by more knowledgeable human - the way I wrote the words Haya means "soon to become".  So, "soon to become a cat".  I'm cool with that meaning.

I like to write.  I won't say I'm a writer because in my mind "writer" has very specific meaning.  In my mind, a "writer" is someone who is paid for their art.  "Writer" can't be applied to everyone so simply, like "murderer".  People through the word around a lot - "Don't murder animals!"  "Don't murder innocent dogs and cats" - but really "murderer" seems to have the connotation of a person killing another person.  At least in my small world.  Anyway, I digress.  I like to write - that's the point.  I enjoy poetry and short stories, but my two current projects are a children's book and a novel about traveling and [erotomania |].  Because the two obviously go together.

I'm an aspiring linguist.  (Make the cunning linguist joke and I will smite thee.  I have a key for smiting on my keyboard.  Test me and consider yourself smote.)  Particularly I'm interested in the history of the Indo-European language family and would love to specify in the Celtic language branch.  Although being a linguist is not synonymous with being a polyglot, I would like to think of myself as one.  I speak English fluently, Spanish very well (not as fluently as I would like to), French, Japanese, Irish and small amounts of various other languages.

I run a small business that survives mostly by word of mouth.  I do art (or something like it) for money.  I am, in own not-so-humble opinion, better at drawing, but I prefer making dolls.  I'm hoping to be able to add clothing and soap to the list of things I can make soon.  My mother, who is a professional artist, taught me much of what I know and encouraged my forays into all things creative.

I live a rather nomadic life.  As of right now it's not as nomadic as I'd like, but I'm still enjoying myself.  I have visited several countries and lived in two different one.  I hope one day to live as the gypsies do, or at least television portrays them.  I have yet to tire or the road and all the secret places it leads.

Hmm, well, I meant for this to be a short post so I shall stop before  my introduction becomes an autobiographical opusculum.

Good night, good night...

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