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Couplet, Anyone?

Another tinkered-with creation of last spring.... 


She hammers the snooze bar, gulping sleep
in nine-minute shots, breathing

untoasted gin, her tongue pulsing
with headache thirst and false

oaths.  I tread the slick waxed
floor.  The dingy heels of thin, backless

house shoes fall in heavy slaps
across the dark wood.  Curling lip

behind teeth, I drum her door, inch it with chilled
fingers.  She moans, nostrils filled

in waves with kitchen air---the bittersweet
gurgle of hazelnut coffee,

salty wet pop of marbled pink
bacon cuts---I nudge her.  She pukes

in acid, throaty heaves, white of her eyes
crawling with tender red vessels, glazed,

bulging secrets,
mirroring regret.

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