Gene's Writings


In the shadows thoughts are fleeting only teases what I see.
Words of wisdom never reaches what discribes reality.
Emotions that words represent play traitor to there meaning.
Nothing can define the pain I suffer and the love of life it's stealing.

Empty are the gestures of hypocrites that I distain.
To dignities disgrace I've fallen due to pain.
How can I master my own fate when fate has lost control.
Laughing when I dare to dream of a happiness that fills the soul.

Searching for a sanctuary from the wrath of shallow minds.
I mourn my own niativity with questions that I ask.
Why it is I can't do more with what ever strength I find.
Where self esteem takes a fall when I'm not up to task.
Carry on confusions fright seduce me with contempt.
Provoke me now with courage and I will not relent.
Inspired by those that I respect I find a strength that comes within.

Carry on this conflict by wich the mind and body has engaged.
For there is no vainity in the effort that is made.
Come to me oh spirit of courage and let the world know.
The value of human dignity will rest upon the price thats paid.
I see who it is that within are imperfections.
Yet truth be known there is perfection that always comes within.