Gene's Writings

Fair Lady of the Mountain

Who am I to dishonor thee?
You soft soul of the trees.
You heal those who are are of sore afflictions.
Taking the tears of those who have cried.

You are upon the winds that eagles fly
You are the life that springs from earths sweet lending.
Higher you are that touches the sun
Magnificent bounty is your virtue.

How is that fault is not found with thee?
Near you are to heart and mind.
It is risen above immoral kind.
Seeking you are of the equal one.

Fair lady how you shine with grace.
Not fearing immortality.
The give of gifts that heal the saddened.
Take upon the wild tides of energy.

So fair thee now and be set free.
The rush of what could be.
Tell your soul that this is just.
Find in me what I see in you.

So spread your wings and fly be free.
From all you pain and all thats bane.
Go and find that one thats true.
Lonely in silence he beckons you.

In solitude there is that yearning.
Tortured heart that cant stop burning
I hear your voice it's in the trees.
Satisfy  mine  and come find me.