Gene's Writings


Mother Nature our Fathers design was perfect in every way.
His all knowing eye forever watching, His power will never sway.
From His warmth you grow your splendor, All that's wild, soft and tender.

Mother Nature talk to me, like you have when I was young.
The hawks scream.  wind in the trees, and the waters rushing stream.
You dance a waltz and I am honored to have heard the song you sung.

Mother Nature you bring new life, In the essence of every spring.
Freshness of every storm, and the water of life it will bring,                                                 Waking up all that slumbers, The gifts of life and all it's wonders.

Mother Nature, I have walked with you beneath my feet.
I've seen the summer moon at night, You're warm air on my face is right.
A night owls omen in the light, Gave me comfort with it's flight.

Mother Nature in all you're splendor, all your beauty, I surrender.
Trees are changing time to sleep.  it's the cycle of life the Father must keep
I watch the birds trek south across grey skies, I bid farewell,safe journey.

Mother Nature let me hear winters wind and fury,
With grace of skates I danced for you upon you're frozen tear.
In winters cold I have seen you're calm, You  taught me not to fear.

Mother Nature time is passing I know your growing old,
I can't say I would blame you, For mankind has gotten bold.
You stand tall, let me respect you, make me small.

Mother Nature you've been my friend through many darkened days.
I am in the fall of life and I recall, all you have done for me.
I thank you know, I am yours, you can set me free.

Mother Nature your essence has an undertone, That only few can feel,
Like a lovers embrace I'm drawn to you no words that can say it.
A hush, your calling innuendo, a secret message, A calming hint.

Mother Nature I look out my window  I can hear you calling.

Hard for me to stop my looking for I cant deter.

With your gentle sigh upon my face I can feel your soft embrace.  You're like my lovers whispers.