Gene's Writings


Lord hear my prayer and touch these thoughts.
In my hour of need I know my sins are bought.
Help me In my suffering I will not forget,
To ask your blessing and do not curse.
Guide me that in my suffering I will still be gentile.
Give me strength that I will reach with my hand
Give courage to those that do not understand.
The dead bury the dead  but those that know.
Have a strength inside them they always show.
I cannot see how this is so.
It is not mine but Yours to know.
Who can say what your will is.
Just help me Father to be at peace.
My fear is rage that will release.
It sometimes builds and without thinking
Strikes at innocents in a blinking
Cup my soul for there protection.
Ease my mind in satisfaction.
Help me remember what I am
My pain and suffering can only pale
With a scene you painted on cloudy hill
That I may be the one thats free
You'r the one that keeps me still
From all the things that torment me.
Take me Father let me know.
The difference between the body and soul.