Gene's Writings


We lay now in this sacred place
All is tender full of grace.
Surrounded we are by loves embrace.

A world so cruel and hurts so much.
In sanctuary we are safe.
Comes harmony with loves touch.

With inner peace I contemplate.
I believe two people should enhance.
Your hand in mine we finger dance.

Your arm on mine you pull it near.
Into your chest I then can see.
My soul is glad, I shed a tear.

Eyes that tell of desire inside
With gentile voice you make your plea
Please, make love with me, please make love to me.

In crescendo we caress.
Aura's swirl, on the rise.
We can feel our bonded essence.

Nothing forced and it all will flow.
Two become one, I am honored so.
This is rare and few will know.

And now my thoughts are day by day.
You fill my senses in every way.
Few will find the words to say.

Thank you is not enough fair lady.
And I will be there to remember.
How you came to my surrender.