Gene's Writings

Waterside of Life

I am tired of this constant strife
Cuts threw my soul like a knife.
Weary of the torment that haunts me.
As I stand down by the river
I look out from the waterside of life

I give my all to for those I love
Search for help from whats above.
Cant but feel it slip away
Not really caring what they say
I see the sun come up
Shining on the waterside of life

The things I have seen, what I have done.
Has made me who I am.
Shadow short and with sun high
Has made me run and see.
The reflections on what might be.
On the waterside of life.

With grey hair, experience in hand
Reaching out so others understand.
I don't ask for much I only want to trust
I will soon see the moon as it is afternoon
Push away sorrow tears are rife
I now stand
In the waterside of life

Evenings colors paint the sky
See the moon it beckons in the night
All is calm, circle of life has to be to keep it right
Pass on the legacy of what will be
They make the journey come run to see
Stand on the beach and watch the sun
Rise on the waterside of life.

With no regret I have come to this place
I have known loves touch
And tears of which I have cried much
I look to sky, receive the grace.
On bended knee we are face to face
You tell me it is time to drink
From the waterside of life.