Gene's Writings

Mind Dance

I can't be free.  From whats whats inside of me.
It smiles at me, curses me, what is this legacy, won't let me be.

I've tried to run.  I've tried to hide.
I've tried to face it down, laugh at it, go around, underground.

They just can't see.  This part of me.
I have been paralyzed, hypnotized, mesmerized.

Won't let me be.  This part of me.
The pain I feel, my soul to steal, it's all to real,

There in my mind, I try to find.
Solitude, gratitude, What I see is of such magnitude.

What I cannot touch.  It all hurts so much.
I've been deceived, I have bereaved, I am not relieved,

What went wrong.  All colors gone.
It's so vain, my bodies numb, it's all to plain, It will never be the same.

Carry on, the positive.  What do outsiders know.
Makes them proud.  Put you in a shroud.  Don't speak to loud.

So when is all said and done.  We have to group together.
We must unite.  Carry on the fight.  Don't stop until the wrong is right.

Through a journey of pain, I walk the walk.  They all think it's so simple.
I cannot stall, I will not fall, I grasp both sides and give my all.

Only one like me will ever see, how this is put together.
It's all confused, yet straight and true, giving in is refused.

Come with me and we shall walk.  Through the carnival of life.
Joke and smile, laugh for a while, and see where this will send.

In this trust I put to you.  we prevail to the end.
Let us do this pain my friend.  Let us take a chance.
Turn up the music, come with me, and we shall do,
Mind Dance.