Gene's Writings

Bard's Tale

Better am I in a far away land then to grovel before castle and king.
There comes a time in everyone's life when there is a song for the bard
to sing.

The song is courage beyond what you know and the tragedy it will bring.
How do I know, the question you ask, you look to my eyes and say.
Pull up a chair and listen well, for I was there that day.
There was knowledge, jokers and so called wisdom, all in part, members
to play.

One came along, didn't fit in, they all began to fear.
With a body broken, agony filled, very few would ever come near.
Eyes that are blind, a back that is bent and ears unable to hear.
It took the heart of a dragon, as they all would laugh and leer.
Knowledge would come and cast there spells , if it worked they all would

But alas there fortune failed them they didn't know what to do.
The jokers came in and said "Off to someplace, this shouldn't be near me
or near you".

Don't look so surprised, I see on your face, you know that my tongue
speaks true.

Now came the wise all haute with pride mumbling we'll think about this.
They all were brought down, no answer profound and oh how they're made
to miss.

As I contemplate, thus sealed the fate of the one that did not fit
To just stay alive, wanting only to survive, not knowing
when or how to quit.

Carrying onward respectful and brave, without even being aware.
They spit on the face of the one that's misplaced in there mockery they
all did share.

One day as it happened, one on a quest had stopped to rest for a bit.
Heard the faint groans and the tired moans of the one they said didn't fit.
Eyes that were fed with terror and dread laying there dirty near dead.
Sat down beside, to make a bed, gave water and lifted the head.
Misplaced had been brave but to much had took place and now it was time
for the end.

A weak touch to the face, a few words that were said, those words were
simply "My friend".

So don't tell me of what I will say or what it will be I will sing.
Better am I in a far away land then to grovel before castle and king.