Gene's Writings

Last Ride

While life goes on I sit and ponder
Who is this I ask and wonder.
I can't stop this fire from burning.
I know what is true and gentile.
Inner peace is what I'm yearning.

Never will it be the same.
Colors blending in confusion,
Memories fade and I must claim.
I cannot bring thoughts to conclusion.

All said and done I know I must.
Choose what I can and cannot trust.
With care for virtue try not to  sway.
Weak and weary of games they play.

Desire of heart to be my best.
I close tired eyes to give them rest.
Rip asunder, tear apart.
All I ask is a fresh start.

Words upon the scroll of life
Tell a story of a cage.
Trapped inside with all my rage.
Just wont let me turn the page.

Pain don't deceive me time is near
Soon upon me, I don't jest.
I don't have long, this is my fear.
I only make this one request.

I dream of air on feathered wings
Upon warm currents I wish to glide
Feel and hear the wind it sings.
Please let me go for one last ride.