Daniel's Pictures

Hiking at Sycamore Creek with Canyon State Naturists

These photos were taken on my first (and last) hike with Canyon State Naturists.  This particular Sycamore Creek (there are several in Arizona) is located in the Tonto National Forest north of Phoenix, Arizona.  Since people have asked, here is how you get there.

Directions: From the intersection of Shea and the Beeline Highway, go north about 23 miles to mile marker 212.  There will be a bridge near it with a sign saying Sycamore Creek.  Cross the bridge and turn right onto the dirt road just beyond it.  Turn left at the T intersection just beyond the ford and watch for the old water tank.

It is legal to hike nude in national forests as long as the textiles aren't offended. 

Please note that I am not the slightest bit fond of wearing clothes so if you consider the natural human body to be objectionable, you should consider visiting elsewhere or getting some kind of therapy.