Daniel's Stuff

My Programming Projects

My Public and Open Source Projects

Commercial Projects of Daniel P.  Stasinski

  • PB/VISION Professional for PowerBASIC.
  • ProWindows Professional for QuickBASIC and Turbo C
  • AddMem Memory Extender for MS-DOS.
  • dseINSTALL Software Installation System for MS-DOS.
  • Audio CD Toolkit for PowerBASIC, QuickBASIC, and Turbo C. 

I program in the following languages and dialects:

  • C
    • Microsoft C
    • Turbo C
    • Linux GCC
    • TinyCC (a spiffy C compiler that compiles at a bazillion lines per second and can even run from source.)
  • Basic
    • QuickBASIC
    • PowerBASIC/TurboBASIC
    • GWBasic (yeeeech!)
    • Visual Basic
  • Assembly
    • 80x86 Assembly
    • Z80 Assembly
    • 6809 Assembly
  • Object Pascal
    • Turbo Pascal
    • Delphi
    • Free Pascal
    • Lazarus
  • Tcl (Tool Command Language)
  • PHP
  • Prolog (I've tried to block this from my memory)
  • PRL (Archaic rule based AI language)