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That was then, this is now.

I think it was around 5 years ago during a telephone conversation with my mother that she asked me "What do you really think of this religion stuff?"  I can't recall my exact answer but I know that it was an incredibly reluctant and wishy-washy answer and I swear if there had been a rooster around, it would have crowed three times by the end of our conversation.  It's quite in contrast to something I recently asked God to make happen in me, which is to make me brave for Him, like I am in my dreams.  Maybe someday God will give me a singing voice too so I can just sing Rich Mullins "Creed" when someone asks me what I believe.

Anyway, I suppose that conversation with my mom could be considered a pivotal moment in my life.

Another early pivotal moment with my mother was when I was about 11 years old she gave me a huge science/history book that covered the history of man from "emergence" to about the early 1970's.  It was one of my most awesome childhood gifts and I poured over it for years.  The funny thing is that as time went on, pretty much all of the chapters discussing the dawn of man were subsequently proven to be wrong in later books, with even some of those later books being proven wrong by even later books.  I think I mentioned something about this in an earlier blog post.  Now I tend to look at evolutionary science as not being fluid, but just outright full of imaginary crap.

On another Mom tangent…

Being human, there are always fleeting moments of doubt that enter my head, but God, being faithful, has over and over been taking the time to prove Himself to me, and squelch doubts, by presenting me with front row seats to irrefutable miracles and very specific events that defy all statistical probabilities.  God needs to poke my scientific brain every so often.

A few visits ago my mom asked me about what kind of music I liked and I was able to play one of my favorite CD's for her while we drove to the Grand Canyon.  To continue with the music theme, and specifically in relation to my faith, I prayed for months two things for mom's visit this last weekend; I prayed that not only would mom come to church with me, but for us to also sing my favorite song (No Longer Slaves) there, a song that we have not sung at church in forever.  Mom came and God made sure my song was sung.

There is no real point to this post other than it was brought to you by the word "Mom," who just so happened to visit Alicia and I this weekend so she is on my mind and in my heart and prayers.

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