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My first white mentor.

Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams & Ken HamblinWhen I created my first website about 20 something years ago I had a page that showcased the men whom I considered to be my personal heroes.  Only three names long, the list included Ken Hamblin, a syndicated radio commentator; Dr.  Walter Williams, Professor of Economics at George Mason University; and Dr.  Thomas Sowell, Economist and Distinguished Fellow at the Hoover Institution and all around smartest man in the world.  These men were the most influential in shaping my world view.

I don't really use the word hero anymore because I found that heroes can always let you down, so now I refer to these men as my mentors.  My most recent addition to this list, made perhaps five years ago, is historian and political pundit Bill Whittle.

Although Bill is not a Christian, as he refers to himself as a secular humanist, a video produced by he and fellow pundit Andrew Klavan (who is a Christian) finally give me the words I needed to describe my own love and faith in Jesus Christ.  Neither of them had any influence in shaping my faith, they just gave me the words I needed because I tend to get so caught in the details that I over-complicate answers to simple questions and confuse everyone.

More of their interesting videos:

Thinking more about it, I should give a mention about Gene Rusco, formerly of KGO 810 in San Francisco.  Whether he intended to or not, his very intentional use of words taught me much about analyzing the true nature of a given situation.  Thank you Gene.

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