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Right after I left my job, I started going to the Phoenix Living with Disabilities Meetup Group.  From those came the biggest expansion of good friends that has ever happened in my life.  Soon after, I took over running the group.

In just the last year, a good number of the members have passed away as a result of their disabilities so I thought it would be a good time to do an unofficial reboot by inviting the surviving members plus all the friends I have made at Broadway Apartments.  I didn't intend this but on the day that I was putting Amber's wheelchair headlights on my friend Alina's wheelchair, Alicia came by and we all decided to go out to lunch.  We all decided we should do this often.

So far so good.  We're meeting once a week for lunch at places near to the complex and so far it's been Jack in the Box, Subway, Zeeeks Pizza, Fuzzy's and a few others.

I've heard countless stories about how when a loved one dies, the people one considers to be friends seem to disappear the fastest.  I've experienced the exact opposite and my friends and Amber's family have surrounded and shown me love.  God is good.

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