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It's a walk in the park.

The good things for today were that I finished the new design for Disabilities-R-Us.  I also went for a walk at Tempe Town Lake with Alicia.  We both need to walk and Amber was really excited about the idea of weekly walks at the lake with our friends from the apartment complex.  It was just Alicia and I today but hopefully others will join in too.

The bad things for today were that like Kiwanis Park, I had never been to that lake either without her and I was very anxious/panicked and teary on the drive there and on the way back.  I stopped at our favorite Chick-fil-A but it was lonely without her.  Alicia and Alina have both said they would go with me to those places with memories to see if I can make them happy places again.

To you both, I am so grateful for your friendship.

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