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It's not soup yet.

The new site design is coming along well.  The part the readers see is complete and all that is left to finish is the authoring system.  It's about 80% done.

I'll be adding a few more new bloggers to replace the few I unceremoniously disabled recently.  I didn't delete any accounts, I just turned off the pages of Souppeople who haven't logged in for a while.  I'll be turning off a few more when I put the new design up.  If anyone wishes to re-enable their account and start blogging again, they can log in and do it themselves.

Personally, I'm doing well.  Staying pretty busy with projects and friends.

The other day I met Amber at the mall while she met with the people from Arizona Goldens about getting a service dog.  They seemed a bit upset by my presence even though I stayed far away from her until they were gone.  One of the trainers, who also stayed far back, commented on it and I finally had to tell her that I was not there to judge how the dog interacted with her, I was just there to see how the dog interacted with her wheelchair so that I would know what customizations to make on the chair when she finally got a service dog.  I found a few minor issues with the chair that the dog could certainly work around, but it would be better for the issue to not exist at all.

My Meetup group is doing well but I may cancel the subscription and move it all over to Facebook instead. is rather expensive and since they seem so dead-set about making themselves look like Facebook anyway, I may as well just move it over and save myself the $150 a year fee.  Most of the new members are coming from the Facebook group anyway.

Mom was supposed to come vist this month but life happened and plans got changed.  She said should could come in June but coming here any time past May is not such a good idea if you're not used to the bone bleaching sun and heat.  Perhaps when the weather cools, and then I can take her for a desert hike too.

Life is good.  :)

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