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A late thanks to Home Depot

This post is a bit late but I haven't spent much time at home lately.  I just want to thank the good people at Home Depot who did a real nice thing for me.

A month back I wanted to have Amber over for dinner and just a few hours before she was to arrive, I realized that her power wheelchair might not make it up into the doorway.  Even if the chair could make it, the jolt of going up and down would have been painful to say the least.

Canceling was out of the question.  After spending two weeks eating hospital food and eating crap food in her assisted living place, she needed some real home cooked food.

So, I headed off to Home Depot (Store #489) and asked asked store associate Ben Ranft if they sold anything like a portable pre-made wheelchair ramp.  The answer was no, but then he immediately offered to build one for me for free.  I gave him some basic info, we headed to the scrap lumber bin, and 20 minutes later I had a small but workable ramp.  All he asked was for me to buy a soda so I would have a receipt to leave a comment on their site about it.  I offered to buy him one too but he politely declined.

While I was there I also picked up a set of 5 LED flashlights to mount on her wheelchair as headlamps for night driving.  Two of the flashlights have lasers in them too and it is so tempting to give her "a wheelchair with fricken laser beams!" (ala Austin Powers)

That evening, Amber and I had a wonderful steak dinner together.  Next week we plan to do it again.

Thank you, Ben & Home Depot!

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