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A quick tasty dinner

The biggest change I had to make in Arizona is with meal preparation.  In summer it is just too damn hot to use the oven so all meals are stove top or on the grill.  For the first six months I was here I Grilled chicken with peppers and scallions.worked late and ate nothing but TV dinners and I paid dearly for it by putting on about 40 pounds that took forever to get off.  Needless to say, I haven't touched a TV dinner in well over a decade.

Dinner today was fast and tasty, but have no idea of its nutritional value.  I took a boneless chicken breast and cut it into small thin slices, added a sliced up green bell pepper plus some scallions and tossed it all into a pan over medium/hot heat with a teaspoon or so of salted butter.  Within 5 minutes the chicken was fully cooked, golden brown and the peppers were nice and crunchy.  After transferring to a plate, I added a liberal amount of a Cajun garlic spice.  Yum.

Sometimes when I make this I'll also add Soba noodles and hot sauce so it comes out something similar to what you would get at Mongolian Grill, but at about 1/10th the price.

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