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Relaxing at Trinity Canyon Lodge

June 8

Trinity Canyon Lodge  Today I arrived at Trinity Canyon Lodge for 6 days of relaxing.  My plans were to tent on the river but life interviened.  My new tent would not have fit in the car since it was loaded with 4 adults and my baby nephew plus all needed to last the week.  I may not have done it anyway because there were major storms up river and being from Arizona makes me wary of flash floods.  The runner up idea was to use the small trailer parked below the house but for some reason there was no power to it so my brother-in-law gave me the keys to cabin 6 but just after I finished unpacking my sister insisted that I take cabin 9 that overlooks the river.  I like cabin 9 because if nobody else is there, the patio is secluded and I can sit nude and read without worry of scaring the textile clad people.

Canadian Geese  Sleeping in cabin 9 also gave me a lot of opportunity to get photos of the Canadian geese chicks.  Every summer the geese nest directly across from the cabin and it's pretty awesome to watch.  One evening they all flew overhead while bidding their goodbyes and I never saw them again.

When it comes to my sleeping arrangements, my sister is always confused by my personal preferences.  I'm a minimalist in that area.  She always wants to give me a cabin or motel room and have to politely argue with her for a while to get the tiny trailer.  The only time I have ever asked for more was when Liz and her teeny puppy came and we took the largest cabin on the river.

June 9 to 13

All of this is a bit of a blur but all of times were great.

My brother-in-law Richard caught a bunch of Cod while ocean fishing so he fried it up outside and we all ate fish and chips for dinner.  The funny thing was that none of the food ever made it to a plate because we nibbled constantly as it came off the grill.

I spent most of the rest of the week reading my Kindle while sitting alone on the river or just hanging out with family.  Although I did bring all my hiking stuff, I didn't do any because the weather was just too unpredictable.  I'll be going back in a few weeks by myself and will try again.

Speaking of my Kindle -- my sister's place is way out in the middle of nowhere, over 100 miles in any direction from any large town and down in a canyon -- yet my Kindle's wireless still had 5 full bars of signal.  Getting a signal in Willits was amazing enough itself but getting full 3G access deep in the wilderness just floored me.  Good job, Amazon!

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